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  • Credit check
  • Full credit report (Equifax)
  • Social media scan
  • Other background checks

How does it work?

It is secure, simple and easy to use.

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    Step 1

    Sign up and send an invite to the tenant(applicant) using their name and email id.

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    Step 2

    We will contact the tenant(applicant) and get their background check done.

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    Step 3

    We will send you the final report within 24 hours of getting information from the tenant(applicant).


Secure, fast and reliable service.

  • "When you’re overseas, have a mortgage the last thing you want to worry about is your tenant defaulting – it happened once then we discovered SingleKey!"
    Cheng family
  • "I want my investment property to be as passive as possible. SingleKey has been amazing 5-stars, everything tenant application, screening etc. one place!"
    Daniel F.
    Doctor, Private clinic
  • "It was probably the single best decision I made. They have been super helpful. Now I get email notices payments are going through and I know that if anything happens I don’t have to deal with the eviction. Nightmare avoided!"
    Sam M.


We provide a range of services to landlords and realtors for tenant verification. We work with a range of 3rd parties to provide landlord easily measurable metrics about the tenant.

Credit Report (Equifax)

Get a full credit report of the potential tenant from Equifax. This includes the credit score and full credit check. This is one of the best indicator of tenant's financial status.

Social media check

Get analysis of applicant's social media and other external media checks. This is a search of only public account, and we don't get access or collect any private details here.

Public document scan

We analytize public document, email address, mailing information, some public court documents, and social media profiles from multiple sources. This is based on publicly available data only. Please do note that these public court document is not the same as RCMP criminal check, FBI check or local court check. This should only be used as an indicator.

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We provide background checking service for landlords, real estate agents, property managers and others in the rental space.

We are based out of Toronto, Ontario.